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Fischer amps

Professional Rechargeable Batteries, chargers & IEM monitoring products

Based on more than 10 years of experience in pro audio, Fischer Amps has been the niche suppliers for solutions for sound engineers and artists. From year one, Fischer Amps have been striving to simplify the work for artists and their sound engineers, to enable them to focus on their show and joy for music during live performances.

Fischer amps offer a range of products including its own brand of IEM hardwired belt packs, with IEM earphones. Also well known for their extensive variety of battery chargers, including wall and rack mounted types for the pro industry. Fischer Amps also offers a battery tester and speaker checker.

Their latest rack mounted battery charger, will charge either AAA or AA batteries in the same drawer.

Fischer Amps IEM-BP In-Ear Monitor
Fischer Amps ALC-161 battery charger