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personal monitor mixers, digital snakes and audio networking

Aviom is a US manufacturer of audio networking solutions and is based in West Chester, Philadelphia. Founded in 2002, Aviom created a range of products for live sound applications, as well as studios, houses of worship and schools. All Aviom products are designed manufactured in the US. Amber Sound has had a relationship with Aviom since it began trading in 2005.

Aviom has three mains system options available in the form of monitor mixing, digital snake and audio networks.

Aviom's newest addition to the monitor mixing family is the Aviom A360, which allows users to access up to 64 network channels. To go with this Aviom have also released the D800 distributor. There are two versions available, working on Aviom's own protocol A-Net or Dante.


Aviom A360 Personal Mixer